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Contemporary Fiber Artworks:

lifelong interest in textiles has developed over time into a focus on the quilt process as a means to artistic expression. A casual experiment in making a "quilt" years ago progressed through trial and error to become a finished wall hanging. Having never made a quilt before and not knowing the "rules" I found myself challenged to bring my design vision into reality and there began my journey into the "Fiber Art World".


My Work:

Implementation of what is in my mind's eye requires constant adjustment and innovation. My work has progressed over time from my early and more traditional and "functional" quilted pieces to contemporary "fiber art" works that experiment in design and construction.
I discovered dimensional quilting when I came across a technique for making a "simplified" Bow Tie quilt block.

The Traditional Bow Tie block requires precise piecing and stitching into corners. All the pieces lie flat and are stitched together around all edges. In the dimensional technique the center of the bow tie is incorporated into the seams in such a way that it stands out from the background instead of being sewn down. This caught my attention and I began experimenting with what have since become featured dimensional components of many of my artworks.

and Innovation"

Dimension and Innovation are hallmarks of my current work where I use the construction of fabric piecing as key design elements. Going beyond the traditional quilt process of flat, pieced, fabric layers stitched together and created primarily as bed covers or "throws" I use fabric insertion, manipulation and dimension to achieve unusual effects in my original, contemporary, abstract and graphic fiber pieces.

Where to see my work

My work can be seen at shows throughout the year at several local venues in conjunction with the Women's Art Co-Op of Benicia and as a member of Arts Benicia and the Fairfield Visual Arts Association.




**Semifinalist in the $100,000.00 Quilt Challenge Magazine's 2007 Quilt Challenge
In Summer of 2007 my artwork, "Napa Valley Spring: Wild Mustard" was selected by Jury to compete as a semifinalist in the 4th  Quarterly issue of the $100,000.00 Quilt Challenge Magazine's 2007 Quilt Challenge "Innovative Piecing" category. (Each issue selects 5 semifinalists in each of 10 categories. The winners of each category for each issue then tour major Quilt shows and compete for a grand prize of $100,000.00 in December).


**Pacific International Quilt Show, October 11 through 14, 2007
"Napa Valley Spring: Wild Mustard" was again selected --this time by the Jury for the Pacific International Quilt Show (one of the largest annual Quilt Show/Competitions on the West Coast) at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Notes About The Medium:

100% Cotton is the fabric of choice for my original artworks with a rare incorporation of other fibers. On the whole I prefer to work with natural fibers. My work is machine pieced and machine quilted with occasional hand stitching and other embellishments.

Contact Info:
Linda V. Hubbard,
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